I get the chance to talk with incredible reporters about the work, effort and journey it took to piece together investigative pieces.  I find investigative pieces, talk with the reporters and share their stories with our audience.

Here’s my first one on Buzzfeed’s investigation into the H2 Visa program. This was my first time writing a 10 page script. I was testing the waters, and swimming while at it.


For my second podcast, I interviewed Julie Brown of the Miami Herald. I wanted to work on my voicing– creating a scene and building emotion with how I was telling the story. I was more comfortable voicing this second time around. For my third English podcast, I want to apply what I learned reading Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel. From structuring the podcast to voicing it I aim to keep the audience in mind at every turn.

For my third podcast, I talked with Daniela Guazo, a data journalist at Mexico’s El Universal about their project on people who have been disappeared. You can read about it here.

Or listen to our conversation (in English or in Spanish).

For my fourth podcast, I learned about how little regulation there is around religious day cares in a number of states. Amy Julia Harris did the reporting, and she pursued documents relentlessly.