Community Engagement

This semester I’ve learned how to craft social posts, reach out to readers and create conversation with our audience at the Columbia Missourian.  I’ve loved learning about the kind of strategy and thought that goes into building an audience and deepening our relationship with our current readers.

What has my focus been during the semester?

My long term project focused on revamping the analytics report we send out to editors and reporters. I also took a look at how we’ve performed over the semester. Like any business,  we should know what interests our audience, and if there are ways to improve our reporting or how we reach out to people in real life or via social media.

You can find that work here and here.

We can’t get bogged down in the numbers. Otherwise we forget those numbers are real readers, real people that care about their Columbia community.

What did I do for 16 weeks?

I have learned a whole lot. Thankfully, these three Storify help break it down.

Here’s what  I did and learned from April-May. 

Here’s what I did and learned from February-April

Here’s what I did and learned from January to mid-February.