These are the radio stories I’ve produced in the last year.

With enrollment denroll_photoeadline approaching, an uptick in marketplace clients I got to learn more about the ACA and what some mid-Missouri organizations were doing to educate people on their best options for healthcare.
pat_bauer_photoFor some nurse practitioners, state laws pose a challenge I talked with a nurse practitioner who runs her own practice, which is unusual in the state of Missouri, about some of the restrictions NPs have in the state.
Migramigrant_photont farmworkers find healthcare in Western Missouri I’ve loved using my Spanish to find stories we might not hear otherwise. I learned more about the people who pick apples in Missouri and the kind of services they can access. Photo by Bram Sable-Smith.
ReinaGrowing Latino population brings changes in small town mid-Missouri I happened upon this story when I noticed a small yellow sign that read “Mandamos dinero a Mexico aqui.” I and my team partner pitched the story to our faculty editors. I wrote the script and text piece.
Breast milk pieceMothers exchanging breast milk online in Columbia  This story focuses on how women in Mid-Missouri help each other through informal online breast milk exchanges. We found there’s a strong bond and sense of community among these women.
Missouri State Highway Patrol struggles to meet minority numbers  I learned a lot about interviewing people in positions of authority in this piece. I also learned just how hard it is to get through the Highway Patrol training.  Photo by Ailin Li.
DentalAudrain County works to provide dental care Hispanics in Missouri face greater difficulties accessing dental care. But one county in Missouri is creating a space where getting this service will be in reach for many. I created this map of dental care centers in mid-Missouri. Photo by Jacob Scholl.

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