What I Want To Cultivate As A Journalist

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few moments — the kind when I realize I’m young, and have a lot to learn about reporting.

  1. Pay attention to detail, consistently
    1. Collecting facts and filling in what you learn and from who into one document, rather than keeping notes here and there and in your own head.
    2. Why? Because
  2. Checking, double checking and triple checking my train of thought, how I’m piecing together a story, rather than being so sure about my own logic. This also means talking to my colleagues about what I’m thinking about and working on. 
  3. Staying focused to go deep into a story or an idea. 
  4. Finding a way to figure out specifics in a story that answer a question that help people understand what’s going on in the world.
  5. Assess my habits on how I learn and how I hear things.
  6. Read and listen to pieces critically, carefully and consistently.

This work is about building habits that help you keep your eyes, ears and mind peeled for a good work.

So, I want to do my work more confidently with greater attention to detail and specificity — and take the process a little more slowly.



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