The Game Plan: I’m figuring it out

Like most of you good folks out there, I’m looking for a summer internship. And like most of you good folks, I’ve figured out the process of figuring out the future isn’t always smooth sailing.

It’s as though my little ship hits a rock every time someone asks me, “So what are you thinking about doing after college?”

My go to answer: “I’m figuring it out.”

Which is true, but can seem like a cop-out unless I’m actively taking steps to come up with my game plan.

One question that I keep coming to is how will what I’m doing next summer put me one step closer to reaching my life goal of improving access to information and education in rural areas of developing countries?

I think I found a potential place that’ll get me on my way: The Inter American Dialogue in Washington D.C.

This non-for-profit think-tank focuses on developing debate and policy solutions to foster more democratic and equal societies. The Dialogue focuses on education, among other policy topics like energy, relations with China and good governance.

For me, an organization like the Dialogue will be part of a process of seeing more of what real-world policy implementation looks like, rather than an abstraction. I can also put my journalistic skills to use here: researching, writing blog posts and articles and asking the question–how does this affect people?

Which came up in a recent conversation with my boyfriend about how education is one of the first steps for communities and countries to grow. The big question for me is how can education policies be sustainable and effective over a long period of time?


Getting grounded in what Latin American countries are doing in education is a necessary step to know more precisely what exactly I can be doing in the future.   So in addition to reading more about policy areas The Dialogue focuses on like teacher policy,  quality education for all and skills development, I’ll be spending the next few weeks finding




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