Listening sparks curiosity for young journalist

What’s journalism without some improvisation and flexibility? Plans don’t always turn out as expected (isn’t that the case with life in general), and so it is with this post. I thought I’d spend some time exploring a little bit more on the kind of environment journalists across Latin America, and Colombia specifically, have to work in.

But then, something sparked my curiosity this weekend as I attended the Journalism Interactive conference here at the Missouri School of Journalism.  I watch the live stream of Vivian Schiller’s keynote. She was the former head of news and journalism at Twitter.

There were a number of things that stood out in her talk, but one I want to highlight: we are always thinking about the audience we serve and engage with. How do we best do that with emerging technologies and ways to do journalism?

That’s a question everyone is trying to figure out. But that big question got me thinking about audiences in Colombia. How do they consume the news? What’s applicable both here in the United States and Colombia as far as engaging our readers/consumers in conversations?

It hit me I haven’t been looking at the Colombian news scene very deeply. I don’t know much about news consumption there or what topics trend the most, or how social media is most used and which platforms are most applicable to which audiences. There’s so much to learn! Not to mention there’s a ton to find out about the journalistic culture there.

So I decided to peruse El Tiempo’s website. It’s the largest newspaper in the country. And their website is one of the more user-friendly ones I’ve seen. At the very top of the page, there’s a bar called”Today’s Topics.” Click on one and you’ll get all the coverage on that topic.

El Tiempo


It’s also mobile friendly. And as far as conversation with an audience goes, an investigative piece on sexual violence in the capital city had a way for readers to voice how well they thought the piece was done, following the “like” idea Facebook trademarked.

That was just touching the tip of the iceberg. I’m planning to read, peruse and think more on differences among audiences globally for next week’s post.

So if you’ve made it to the end of this blog post and have your own questions about Colombian media and consumption, send them my way because they’re probably something I haven’t though about. Feel free to comment with your questions or send me an email at


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