Reflections on a semester of mobile

I asked the typical last question in any interview.

“Is there anything else you’d like to add or something I missed?”

“Yeah,” Jane Telander, an ELL teacher at the Adult Learning Center, said.”We really appreciate you guys doing this story. ”

I perked up.

“The community doesn’t really know much about the international population here.”

It’s moments like those when I know I’m doing something right and journalism is my tool to do so.  Journalism can do a lot of good. And you can meet the most interesting people doing it.  Below is a list of other ideas and skills I’ve learned this semester.  I know I’m a better journalist  because of this class.

  • Things will go badly all the time. So be ready for it. Didn’t expect Hokusai to crash right as you were about to finish that final edit? Be prepared for the worst at all points in time.
  • Plan ahead. I don’t think my final project would have gone as well without a detailed plan. If you but in the time to do that, the better you can work through potential bumps in the road. As I’ve said before, journalism runs on deadlines, but that doesn’t mean we need to procrastinate all the time.
  • I can do things I didn’t expect to do.
  • I love audio. I love audio. I love audio. Seriously, it’s my favorite kind of storytelling to do. Maybe I’ll end up at NPR one day…
  • There are so many people in this community. And so little that I know about them.  After a whole semester of learning about ELL students and the refugee community, I’ve not only made some great contacts, but I’ve learned valuable stories.  I’ve found a community whose issues, problems, and success interest me. Perhaps I have my own stake, being an international person.
  • You can do a lot of good with journalism.
  • I have a lot more to learn. And, boy, am I ready for it.

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