Live Event Today!

I’m putting my mobile skills to the test. I’ll be live tweeting some multimedia creations of mine from the Rocheport General Store tonight. The Megan Boyer Band is warming up the evening with some blues. I’m pumped, but, as is usual with myself, I’m also nervous.

If we look at this in terms of grades, the live assignment is worth 10 percent of my grade. Yikes if I screw this one up.

If we look at this from a still-learning mobile journalist perspective, then there’s the chance some app will crash in the middle of recording. Or that the Wi-Fi will be sketchy. Or no one wants to talk with me because, well, that’s how it goes sometimes when reporting.

But then again, it’s pretty darn cool that we can shoot video, edit it and then tweet it out in the span of twenty minutes. I started planning out what elements of the show I want to capture. There were lots of questions I had to think about when brainstorming.

  1. What does the audience need to know?
  2. What’s interesting about this show?
  3. What’s the best way to present this show?
  4. How do I maximize the power of the iPad?
  5. What’s the lighting going to be like, and how can I work with not-so-great lighting?

And the list continues.

Those questions will have some sort of answer tonight. Time to go get ’em.


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