Mid-semester slump hits high notes

I followed  the “Dark and Stormy” playlist on Spotify two weeks ago. That’s how the last third of the semester usually goes. But the tempo has started to pick up again. I’ve got a final project for my multimedia class. It’s a good chunk of our grade in the class, not to mention the number of components it has (written, video, audio, photographs, infographics and interactive components). My project partner and I will report on the Adult Learning Center’s Thanksgiving meal. GED students will host the English Language Learners for this American tradition. The ELL students bring dishes from their home country to share with everyone in the class.

Our pitch was approved for the most part. We just needed guaranteed access to a few students and their kitchens. And this morning, we got confirmed access to a few students. (Praise the Lord!). We’ll be talking with them about their experience here in the US and what their dish means to them. We’ll also be covering the Thanksgiving meal.

I can hear the sizzling, chopping and mixing. I can hear the mix of languages at the meal. And I’m excited to learn about new dishes and the stories behind them. This story has potential to be an incredible multimedia piece. But if we don’t plan well, it will crash and burn.

One of the lessons I’ve learned from this class is that journalism is a world of deadlines. But that doesn’t mean you always need to be doing things last minute. The more preparation you put into your stories (the ones that aren’t breaking news), the better quality you get. That’s common sense.  Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is how the saying goes. On that bright and cheery note, it’s time to get to planning out the components of this story. Yay!




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