There are some days I really miss J2100. Not because of AP style quizzes or in class deadlines. I miss how much writing we did. Visual storytelling isn’t my strong suit. Judd says you lose your head when shooting video. Or taking photographs and recording audio.  Writing stories presents its own set of challenges, but I certainly never feel like I’m losing my head.

I’m working on my NATPAK, which requires two five-shot sequences and an interview.  There’s a lot to be said about finding, picking and choosing the right shots to create a cohesive image in the viewers’ minds. Shooting video in a classroom was more difficult than I anticipated.  Part of the challenge is keeping track of what needs to go right: following the 180 rule (there’s an imaginary line you don’t cross when filming, once you’ve picked a side for things to work), shooting enough tights, avoiding jump cuts, and most importantly, making sure the action is telling a story.  Does this shot have substance?

Great videos are powerful pieces of journalism. I’ve always wanted to create those to compel someone to think about different parts and people of their own community.

Judd’s right: You gotta practice.  From the way practice has gone in class…yikes. I’m the water girl for this mobileer team.

So what’s driving me to do this? It’s a requirement for my sequence? No. I’m going to be doing these sorts of videos A LOT next semester in the convergence sequence.  Better get used to it, then? Maybe a little.

What about the people you’re serving in making these videos? Bingo.




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