iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, that is the question

I’m an Android user. So figuring out the pros and cons of the iPhone 6 and 6+ for mobile journalism was a dive into relatively new territory.

Looking at the previous generations of iPhones, I can only imagine the frustration during the editing process on such a small screen. Putting together a video or using the details editing in SnapSeed would be more than a pain. This slows down the editing process. The time between shooting and publishing would be extended–audiences want news now.  Though the iPhone 6 fits nicely into my hand, I wouldn’t feel comfortable editing an audio slideshow on it, or shooting video for that matter. (Not to mention, less thought goes into throwing something small across the room when angry/upset/frustrated, especially when apps crash.)

The iPhone 6 + may not fit into most pockets–unless you’re wearing extra large sweat pants– but it’s surface size is comfortable enough to edit for all hand sizes.  The iPhone 6+ should be able to fit into most purses, totes or other personal-item carrying device. The camera stabilization feature on this phone would also be helpful in breaking news situations. Photos from an accident, fire, car crash, etc. might come out cleaner because of this feature. If we can get quality photos to our audiences without much editing and greater speed, then I think iPhone 6+ is helping move mobile forward. Not to mention, the 6+ has a longer battery life.

So if Hamlet were a mobile journalist, I’d tell him, “The iPhone 6+, sir. That is the answer.”



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