Snapchatting and Radio–two of my faves

Working at my local NPR affiliate this summer was an immersion experience for me. With a staff of four, web presence wasn’t our top priority.  When it came to covering a murder trial this summer, our tweets were minimal compared to the Twitter coverage the Peoria Journal Star provided.

That’s not to say we didn’t use social media. We posted stories on Facebook and Twitter. But we needed to get the sound byte and write the reader first.  Radio first, online second.  But, like all other news stations, WCBU is still finding ways to connect with audiences.

So to see NRK P3, a Norwegian radio station, producing content through Snapchat is, well, out of this radio world reports the Nieman Lab.

Snapchat combines text, still photo and video to create a “story” of any length. These stories, an accumulation of snaps, can run for several minutes.  Snapchats don’t give much detail, but getting a run down of the biggest news events in about 90 seconds is convenient.  Waking up in the morning and having headlines at the tip of your fingers without having to go to online news sites is easy.

It’s fascinating to see  all sorts of news outlets across the globe are including a mobile platform.  But while this platform is convenient  for users (thought not easy to put together, as the Neiman article states), I wonder how much depth using these sort of apps can really offer.

News should give context so audiences can analyze and decipher why events are unraveling as they are.  Just knowing something happened elsewhere leaves audiences and readers in an information vacuum.  But that doesn’t mean mobile journalism is devoid of analysis.  It’s spearheading ways to bring that analysis and context to a different kind of news consumer.

I’m excited to learn how to bring that news to my mobile-oriented generation.



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